Performance engagement

Performance engagement at work is all about getting the most out of what you do. It's not enough to know what you're supposed to be doing. You must be good at it and be able to deliver, or the rewards won't really be worth your time. A company needs to have performance management in place for the employees and supervisors to take advantage of the rewards that are available. There are some great avenues that employees can use to increase engagement and make improvements at work. Performance reviews One of the best ways to give employees a sense of direction is through regular performance reviews. You need to be honest with them and explain the goals for the upcoming review. Make sure there is an opportunity for the employee to give input on the problems they see in the workplace. The key is to make the review short but very detailed. You want to pay attention to any areas that will have a positive impact on performance. Recognition If you can come up with a specific award for the employee it will go a long way to show them they are valued. Employees often report feeling engaged and excited when given recognition for their efforts. There are many ways to recognize an employee from their work performance. Small things like cleaning up the desk after customers leave or offering a product for free to those who get a certain number of leads could lead to more employee engagement. Challenges and Rewards. Sometimes the best way to encourage employees to participate in meaningful activities is to give them a reward. If someone is doing a spectacular job they should be rewarded for it. If they've set a goal, they need to meet they deserve a reward for the accomplishment. For example, if the employee is working on a customer satisfaction survey, a certificate could be given. Rewards don't have to be big to be effective. Encouragement. Sometimes just having a corporate attitude in the workplace is enough to improve performance. If there is a culture of support for an employee, then they will be encouraged to try harder. If they feel that they can trust their manager in terms of feedback, they will be encouraged to tell the truth. A successful company won't tolerate bad behavior from its employees. If there is fear in the workplace due to poor performance it will only foster contempt. Achieving Goals. Of course, employee engagement is not just measured by the amount of time an employee spends working, but how much they actually achieve. If an employee is productive, they should be able to see results from their work. A company should set short and long term goals for the employee. Then they should be rewarded accordingly. If they are able to reach those goals, the employee engagement will rise. A Problem Solving Approach. Most people enjoy working for a problem solving company. This type of work allows people to use their creativity and intuition. When these two traits are combined with the skills learned in training, an employee can produce outstanding results. If they are motivated to perform then they will. Performance should never be the only motivator for an employee. It should only be a tool that is used if it is strong enough to do so. People should be rewarded for good work. If an employee feels like they are worthless to their employer, then they will not be motivated to give it their all. Creating an Environment of Growth. The workplace should be a place where an employee can grow and develop. Learning and growth are lifelong processes. When an individual comes into a company, they should feel like they are always learning. They should not feel like they are stuck in one rut. This can hinder productivity. An Employee's Role. Sometimes an employee's role is misunderstood. Many times this misunderstanding comes from the manager's inexperience or a short orientation session. An employee should know their role in the company before coming into the workplace. If an employee does not know what their role is, they should be given a role to talk through to help them define it. Performance engagement in the workplace should never come from reward alone. Treating employees poorly has been a way of management to control workers. This doesn't work in the long run. Performance should always be based on performance. The best workplaces are full of employees with high levels of engagement.


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